Stony Brook University

& Stony Brook Medical Center

stony brook medical centerStony Brook University and Stony Brook Medical Center (Stony Brook) is unique in that the university and the medical center are managed by one administration.  It is one of the few research facilities in the country where you have a university, a graduate school, a school of medicine and a hospital under one roof.  This allows Stony Brook to bridge the gap between clinical laboratory sciences and healthcare delivery.  To further breast cancer research, The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund has given grants to researchers in almost every department at Stony Brook.

There are few places in the world you will find the unparalleled triangle of intellectual cooperation found between Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, Brookhaven National Laboratories and Stony Brook.  In 1998 Stony Brook was given the contract to manage one of the most prestigious laboratories in the country, Brookhaven National Laboratories.  In 2003 Nobel recognized MRI’s start at Stony Brook.  Their researchers discovered anti-sense RNA which opened the door to Genetic Research, they discovered the cause of Lymes Disease, and were the scientists picked to analyze the Mars project.  These are just a few of the many breakthroughs they have engineered.

Total funds managed at Stony Brook last year exceeded $184 million, reflecting activity in some 1,200 projects involving hundreds of investigators and providing jobs for 1,800 individuals.  Of these funds, $125 million went directly to research.

The Chief of Surgery at the Carol Baldwin Breast Center at Stony Brook was named one of the top 10 breast surgeons in the country by Time Magazine.  The importance of this is that the research we do is not confined to the laboratory.  The hospital is involved in clinical research as well.    They were one of ten research intensive universities to receive the national science foundation recognition award for integration of research and education.

Stony Brook posses one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, “New York Blue”, for non classified research.  They were ranked second among public research facilities in the first quantitative national assessment of per capita facility research productivity.  We take great pride in the achievements of the Baldwin researchers and are delighted to be associated with such a fine organization as Stony Brook.