Carol M. Baldwin

Chairwoman of the Board

carolA Syracuse native and graduate of Syracuse University, Carol M. Baldwin and her husband Alexander raised their family in Massapequa, Long Island. In 1983, after 29 years of marriage, her husband died of lung cancer and in 1990, Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer.

For much of her adult life, Carol M. Baldwin has been known as the mother of the world’s most famous acting family. What is less known about Carol, is her struggle with breast cancer which nearly took her life.

After undergoing a double mastectomy, Carol decided to help other women overcome the struggles associated with breast cancer.

In 1996, turning tragedy into courage, Carol with family, friends and health professionals formed The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc. to fight and ultimately win the battle against breast cancer. The Fund’s primary purpose is to provide the money so desperately needed for researchers seeking the causes, prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

To date, The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc. has funded 47 research grants totaling $2.35 million dollars, with the promise of more to come.

Carol M. Baldwin serves as Chairwoman of the Board, supervising all aspects of organizational growth. As a breast cancer survivor, Carol uses her experience to heighten understanding of this disease. She is a popular public speaker and is actively involved in strategic planning, continuing her crusade and raising funds to support research.

In 1996, Carol was honored in East Setauket, New York with the dedication of a breast-care center in her name. The center, which opened in 1995 and is still operating today, is part of the University Hospital and Medical Center at Stony Brook and provides services ranging from mammograms and biopsies to psychological support for women. The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center is located at 37 Research Way, East Setauket, New York.

Carol M. Baldwin was actively involved in the largest mapping project in New York State. The Onondaga Breast Cancer Mapping project provided critical information about the incidence and prevalence of breast cancer. One of the interesting findings from the mapping project revealed that affluent homes had the highest rate of breast cancer. The Mapping Project itself will build on existing efforts to raise awareness and encourage women to adopt the life saving practices of regular self-examinations, clinical breast exams and mammograms.

Carol M. Baldwin’s family provides moral support and has joined in this effort by enthusiastically working with her on special fundraising events. Daughters: Elizabeth Baldwin Keuchler, Jane Baldwin Sasso; her sons and their spouses, Alec Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin and Isabella Hoffman, William Baldwin and Chynna Phillips, Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin.