Host an Event

Interested in hosting an event to support breast cancer research?

We can assist you in establishing a single event or an annual program which will raise funds for breast cancer research.  Fundraising events can be as simple as a bake sale and as complex as events hosted at many locations around the country at the same time.  Fundraising can be some of the most rewarding work you may ever do.  The opportunity to meet new people, share their stories and learn more about breast cancer and how it affects nearly everyone is a great way to do something meaningful.

A wide variety of sponsorships are available for our Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament and Annual Dinner Gala.  Sponsorships can be made by individuals or corporations.  Corporations tend to enjoy substantial benefits by aligning themselves with our cause.  Association with a highly visible charity such as the Baldwin Fund can underscore your companies commitment to supporting issues important to your customers, their families and your employees as well.  Since breast cancer affects almost every family, alignment with our cause is well received by those who are associated with our sponsors.

In addition, benefits such as the use of the Funds name and logo, media exposure, direct consumer exposure at events and the continuous marketing initiatives of the Fund increase sponsors visibility in the marketplace while supporting research and raising public awareness about breast cancer all at the same time.

A contract is required to use our and logo as a sponsor.

Please contact us for more information!